Any Student below 20 years can participate in this column. Write the correct answers with bible references and send to us.

Make sure that all the necessary contact details are filled in before submitting the answers.

Five students will be selected from the participants whose answers are correct and special gifts will be sent.

  • Whose inheritance was Bethlehem?
  • The prophet who remained astonished among the captives seven days?
  • Name the two men who prophesied in the camp of the Israelites?
  • Who are the two teachers mentioned by name in the New Testament?
  • Who said to whom, "Much Learning doth make thee mad."
  • The woman who laid her hand on head went on crying?
  • How many Syrians died when the wall fell upon them?
  • Where do we see Satan in bible first?
  • Name the secretary who wrote a letter against Jerusalem to King Artaxerxes?
  • Who threw the scroll into the fire?
  • Who occupied the Isles of the Gentiles?
  • He shall perform all my pleasure. who?
  • What was the ransom money that everyone numbered should give?
  • Who were the two quarreling women in the church at Philippians?
  • Which saying of Christ is recorded outside the Gospels?

Correct answers will be published in the next volume.

With best wishes

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