Dear Teachers, Parents and Children,
Greetings in the marvelous name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is a matter of great joy that we could create a website for our Sunday School. This is a moment which I personally cherished for years. Though the domain for this website was booked in 2008, we could design and host it only now.

We are living in an ultra modern society which is very much advanced socially and technically. The challenges faced by our young generation are much greater than the earlier times. The pressures from various angles force them to choose the easy route to success and happiness. Many derail in the process and come short of God's presence and purpose. Most of the parents fail miserably in bringing up the children in the way it should be, because their focus also deviated from the eternity.

It is the duty of each parent and Sunday school teacher to see that their children are seen in the eternal heaven, not in the eternal hell. We have to make all efforts to inculcate the spiritual, ethical and moral values in our children so that they may become victorious in all aspects of life. This is the very purpose of the Sunday school ministry.

Most of our children have access to internet, which is an ocean of knowledge. We can find all kinds of stuff here, both good and bad. Our intention is to give some good online stuff to our children so that they may grow in the Lord.

We solicit your sincere prayers and support to this great ministry for preparing a God fearing generation and for the furtherance of His kingdom.

I sincerely thank each and every person who assisted me in this endeavor to make it possible. We express our heartfelt thanks to M/s. Web Works India Pvt. Ltd for designing and hosting this site.

May God bless us.

Yours in His service,

Mathews Paul
(Director- IPC Sunday School Assn.)
Maharashtra State.

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